You will not need to search for many suppliers of the products by different manufacturers. All you need is to send us a request and we will offer you the quotation for all the required items at minimum prices with delivery and if necessary optional installation.


Every single order can be shipped on your individual demand. But we are also consolidating your different orders in our warehouse to send them in one shipment in order to reduce transportation and customs clearance expenses for you.


Our staff is versed in logistics and customs clearance and will ensure that every order reaches you in the fastest possible time. Arranging shipment by truck transport, air freight, sea freight or even express courier when needed is part of our daily business.


INMAT – Industrie Materialien GmbH is specialized in the supply of raw materials, spare parts, components and consumables for different sectors of industry all over the world. In the past 44 years we have built up an extensive worldwide network of manufacturers and suppliers, ensuring that materials are sourced efficiently in accordance with your requirements.

We provide one-stop professional industrial procurement services and solutions for our clients. Understanding the daily challenges of operating under extreme conditions, we ensure that you get what you want when and where it is needed.

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At INMAT our philosophy is not that companies do business with companies, but that people do business with people. This is simple enough, but often times ignored in the real world.

Our team has focused on servicing our customers as they would want to be serviced. We are passionate about what we do and strive to respond to your needs as soon as possible.

We know that you are under pressure… You often times have more requests for quotations to process than there is time in the day. By partnering with the INMAT team, we ease your workload by providing you with consolidated quotations within hours.


Through living our values every day we can build the right culture that enables us to succeed: with an unstoppable passion for excellence, growth and learning, we are creating an environment that fosters the development of knowledge, skills and experience. Innovative thinking is central to how we do business and enables us to work with our customers to provide solutions that are tailored for them.


We satisfy our customers by delivering results within the shortest possible time and at the best possible value. Our desire to grow drives our passion to win in the market. With a unified, low-cost operating structure, we will remain competitive across every sector of industry and in every geographic region. INMAT can permanently get supplies and allocations where others may have problems.

We are different

We believe that quality begins and ends with the customer. This means identifying customer problems and needs. Our focus is to provide tailored sourcing services for our clients and their requirements. All our products are sourced globally from world-class manufacturers, with quality issues accorded the highest priority. Our commitment to deliver results and our hands on approach allows us to really integrate with the clients’ procurement team. We work hard to develop an understanding of our clients’ businesses and it is this attention to detail that enables us to deliver the quality of advice and service they expect.

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