We are different
because our goal is
to make you satisfied.

We want our customers to be successful.
After all, their success is also our success.


Our expertise is based on our indepth industry know-how and long-term experience. We always offer innovative and flexible solutions.


We exceed your expectations by providing an efficient service that we strive continuously to improve. We are authentic and keep our promises.


To be different from others is our daily ambition. Our service provides cooperative support focusing on your individual requirements.



The INMAT spare part service and logistics employees are available around the clock – 24 hours a day and 365 days a year – to answer your requests and process your orders quickly with care via phone, fax or e-mail.


Do you have to deal with a malfunc­tion or unplanned machine shut­down? We are able to procure you with the requested spare parts within the same day by our own employees who pick up and bring the items directly to your nearest airport.


We continually work with our partners to ensure that we bring you the absolute lowest direct cost for the parts that keep your plant running efficiently and we consolidate your purchases so that the logistics costs from our warehouse to your plant are at the lowest possible level. We believe you will be able to realize the cost savings in INMAT purchases and implementation by using our services, as we have the technical background and supply network to provide you the items required.

Next to sourcing goods at the best possible prices and delivery times, we take care of all documentation and shipping arrangements. This includes organization and coordination of all paperwork and other administrative tasks related to shipping the products to their final destination.


We satisfy our customers by delivering results within the shortest possible time and at the best possible value. Our desire to grow drives our passion to win in the market. With a unified, low-cost operating structure, we will remain competitive across every sector of industry and in every geographic region.  INMAT can permanently get supplies and allocations where others may have problems.

An overview of our supplied main spare parts and industrial equipment:

– Steel Bars (Niro and others)
– Hydrolic, Pneumatic and Electro-Motors
– Spare Parts for Grinding Machines
– Carbide Tips for Threading and Cutting
– Spare Parts for Stamping Machine
– Calibration and Test Units
– Ramshorn Hooks
– Spare Parts for Gas Plants
– Instruments for Non-Destructive Testing of Materials
– Spare Parts for Electrical Installation
– High Frequency Valves and Actuators
– Gears for Rolling Mills
– Machine Tools
– Cardan Shafts for Rolling Mills or Gears
– Material for Brick Lining of a Furnace
– Equipment for Laboratories
– Gears for Machines
– Ultrasonic Material-Testing Devices
– Spare Parts for Descaling Machines
– Continuous Heating Furnaces
– All Kinds of Chucks
– Spare Parts for Draw Benches
– Electrode Rings for Welding Machines
– Material for Mounting of Crane Rails
– Radiation Measuring Devices for Industry
– Ceramic Material for Laboratories
– Cranes and Hoists and Spare Parts
– Precision Measuring and Testing Devices
– Synthetic Gear Wheels

– Small Furnaces, Dryers for Laboratories
– Compressors and their Spare Parts
– Gauges
– Carbon Material for Laboratories
– Plugs and Nozzles for Casting
– Parts for Weighing Machines
– Spectrometer and Spare Parts
– Textile Machines and Spare Parts
– Spare Parts for Saws
– Spare Parts for Curve Drawing Recorder
– Spare Parts for Threading Machines
– Ignition Switch / Spindle Switch
– Marking Plants for Tubes
– Hydraulic Lever
– Brake Blocks, e.g. for Cranes
– Pumps
– Valves
– Spare Parts for Milling Machines
– Probes
– Guide Bars Made of Stainless Steel
– Gas Meters
– Rubber Belts
– Spare Parts for Hulling or Peeling Machines
– Thermometer, Manometer and other Gauges
– Sealing Materials
– Ball, Roll, Needle Bearings
– Electro-Magnetic Clutches, Brakes and Parts
– Glas manufacturing and Cutting Machines
– Flowmeters, Pressure Reducers, Filtres